The Community

IE userAgents are part of a community composed of like-minded individuals who have experience with Internet Explorer, but — more importantly — have experience servicing all users regardless of the device or browser they may choose to use. One of our main objectives in this community is to raise awareness of cross-browser coding best practices that will help developers create interoperable web experiences that work great across all platforms and browsers, including old and modern versions of Internet Explorer.

We take a practical approach in helping developers and designers. We’re for the web — we’re about web standards. We’re challenging people’s expectations of the web — we experiment with new technologies, standards, and coding techniques. We’re hands-on — we share our coding experience, help solve problems, and point communities to useful resources. We use multiple browsers — while the Internet Explorer team supports the IE userAgents community, we embrace the many browsers and devices our users use as we build interoperable experiences.

This global community provides a simple framework and a specific set of tools and resources that help us organize and attend events, meet new contributors, document and share our activities, and better support our local communities.

The Perks

The IE userAgents community allows us to do more of what we enjoy the most: sharing what we know about web development and cross-browser coding with fellow developers. Through support from the Internet Explorer team and other sponsors, we have access to tools, loaner devices and technical resources that make us more effective in supporting others by replicating user scenarios, testing environments, and developer-tool setups. However, we believe that the real perks are the intangible ones — the skills, connections, and reputation we build while collaborating and networking with other talented individuals from around the world.

The People

We like to think of ourselves as part technology gurus, part trendsetters, and full-on web developers. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery? Bring it on! As IE userAgents, we challenge ourselves to use our knowledge, our experience, and our passion to facilitate, share, and contribute to web tech discussions in online communities. We strive to help and inspire web developers around the world to value their users by building web experiences that amaze and delight them. Do you want to talk to us? Whenever you need help, IE userAgents are always a Tweet away, just be sure to include hashtag #IEuserAgents in your tweet. If you get excited discovering new amazing and innovative web sites and like sharing with the world how they are made (or can be made better!), we’d love to have you join our community!

Start by following us on Twitter and share your web-thought with us…

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